Self Storage for College Students – Keep it Safe

Every summer you move all of your college student’s furniture, books, clothes, and whatever junk they’ve accumulated to your garage, attic, basement, or spare bedroom. As exciting as it is for parents to have their kids home for the summer, the job of moving them is not fun. It’s tiring and time-consuming, and it would be nice to find a solution. 

You could build a home addition; but, given the cost of education, that’s probably not your best option. Nevertheless, there actually is a great solution; a self storage unit. A safe, secure, affordable storage unit will save time, space, and your mental health. 


Find the Right Self Storage Facility to Keep Your Students as Safe as Their Possessions

As shocking as this might sound, college students don’t always have the best judgment, and caution isn’t a priority. In their defense, they are super busy trying to fit some studying into their active social schedule. They just don’t have time to worry about safety and security – until something is lost or stolen. In that case, there’s a slight chance they may show some concern – and then, again, maybe not. It’s probably a good idea if you “help” them choose a storage facility.

You’ll be far more conscious of the security features and amenities of the facility than your student will. Find a safe, secure facility, not far from campus. You never know when he will decide to drive to his unit at 3:00 a.m. because he needs a book that hasn’t been opened in two months. Or she wants to wear the cute outfit that is in storage because she didn’t want her roommate to “borrow” it. A safe facility is a must.

College student with box of items.



Following are some important features to look for when you’re searching for a self storage facility. 

Look for Layers of Security

  • A facility in a safe, convenient location
  • A clean and well-maintained facility
  • Well lit property
  • Perimeter fencing
  • Gates equipped with electronic access 
  • Twenty-four-hour video surveillance
  • An indoor unit with keypad access
  • On-site and/or resident managers
  • A disc or cylinder lock that is resistant to tampering
  • Do Not share gate access codes with friends


Be thoughtful when choosing a storage facility, and don’t worry. There are numerous safe, clean, and secure storage facilities with plenty of amenities. You won’t have trouble finding a good one. 


If you’re still not convinced that self storage is your best option, here are a few reasons that might sway your decision.

Why College Students Need Self Storage

  • Space: This is a big one. Dorm rooms are cramped. Self storage is a perfect solution for extra books and off-season clothing, as well as any other strange things your student may have accumulated. We prefer not to mention them.
  • Flexibility: Most self storage facilities offer flexible month-to-month leasing. You’ll be able to rent on your schedule without the hassle of a long-term commitment. 
  • Travel or Study Abroad: The opportunity to travel or study in a foreign country is incredible, but what do you do with all of your stuff while you’re away? Self storage comes to the rescue again. You can find a unit with enough or as little space as you need to accommodate all of the dorm room furniture and belongings.
  • Security: As we’ve already mentioned, college-age students can be careless. Any items that they don’t use regularly will be far more secure in a safely locked storage unit than in their dorm, apartment, or the trunk of their car. And, as far as summer, storing furniture and valuables at a storage facility provides a level of safety not found in a locked apartment that is abandoned until school starts again. 
  • Savings: The cost and inconvenience of moving your stuff to and from home between semesters and over the summer for four – to who knows how many – years will far exceed the cost of storage.
  • Fun: Instead of spending that extra time packing up and moving stuff back and forth every summer, have some quality family time. Spend a few days doing something together because your college kid will be too busy to spend much time with you for the remainder of the summer. 



College expenses and inconveniences increase with every passing year. Why not give yourself and your student some relief when it comes to the burden of yearly packing and moving. You’ve been your child’s housekeeper, chef, chauffeur, bank, and loving parent for a long time. Do you have to be their mover and packer, too? No, you don’t. Sit back, relax, and check your self storage options.

Keep Your Home as Secure as Your Self-Storage Unit

Finding a safe, secure self-storage unit is easy because most of them are equipped with digital video monitoring, electronic gates with keypad access, bright lighting, and secure perimeter fencing. Many facilities are equipped with smart technology security that does everything from monitoring unauthorized activity at your unit to allowing for mobile entry and digital key sharing. Shouldn’t the people and belongings in your home be as secure as the items in your storage unit? has identified what, in their opinion, are the top providers and best values in home security systems for 2020. Take a look.

How to Compare and Choose a Home Security System

Choosing a home security system can be an overwhelming task. Do you want all the bells and whistles or just the basics? The site will give you all the details and information that you need to make an informed decision for you and your family. The following information will help you get started on finding the right equipment for your needs.


ADT has the most experience and the best guarantee in the industry. They have certified monitoring centers, a competitive equipment lineup that includes intrusion protection, environmental monitoring, video surveillance, and smart home automation. There is a contract required, no option for self installation, and no mobile app access.


Vivint provides professional monitoring, home automation, mobile app access and extensive smart home options as well as flexibility with your equipment configurations. They also offer flexible payment options; but, if you decide to finance, you’re facing an extended contract. Vivint has no self-installation option.


Frontpoint has a great customer service reputation and a competitive range of security equipment and monitoring services. They also offer flexible month-to-month contracts, which are perfect for renters. The outdoor and doorbell cameras are only available as add ons, and their home automation devices are limited.

Protect America

If you’re looking for a no-frills home security system that you can install yourself, Protect America is a low-priced option. They offer a price-match guarantee, smart home devices, and mobile app access. There is a contract required. Video surveillance, smart features, and smoke detection are upgrades. Cellular monitoring is the most expensive option.


A 60-day risk free trial is a plus with SimpliSafe. They offer self-installation, self-monitoring, video verification and month-to-month pricing. You can take advantage of inexpensive professional monitoring, wireless equipment and cellular monitoring, but mobile alerts and smart home devices and capabilities are not available in the basic monitoring plan.


Alder does not have a selection of packages, but works with customers to build security systems that are the best fit for their needs. The price of professional monitoring varies depending on the equipment you choose, but you are covered by a lifetime warranty. DIY installation is easy, but there are no smart home devices.


Cove is relatively new to the home security market and features the advantage of locked monitoring rates and a lifetime warranty. They offer a $5 credit each month which can be used toward future equipment purchases. Cove does not offer packages, but you can easily build your own online. You will be able to use the InstaText function for fast notifications of activity in your home. A premium app subscription is necessary for many of the features, and there are no smart home devices.

Blue by ADT

Blue home security systems give families flexible and affordable DIY security solutions. Their focus is more on privacy for your personal and home data with encrypted networks. You’ll find smart cameras, ADT professional monitoring, and smart home compatibility. There is a 7-day practice period but no smart-home add ons.


Brinks has flexible pricing and bridges the gap between DIY smart home security and conventional professional monitoring systems. Your options run from flexible monitoring for a Google Nest system up to a long-term plan with extensive equipment. A contract is required for all packages, and only top tier packages include the smart home hub. Award-winning customer service is a plus.

Link Interactive

Link is the nationwide DIY branch of Mountain Alarm Fire & Security, a commercial and residential protection company founded in Utah in 1952. It’s family owned and operated and professional installation is not an option. You can build your own equipment package, but there are no smart home or video monitoring capabilities in the base plan. Contracts are offered on a 1-, 2-, or 3-year basis.


If you’re in the market for a home security system, you want to make an informed decision. This article gives you information on the 10 best options for 2020 according to Keep your family and your home as safe as the items in your self-storage unit.

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