Quick Tips to Winterize Your Storage Unit

It’s mid-September, which means it’s still hot in many locations, but the cool weather is right around the corner. It’s time to think about retrieving those holiday decorations, cozy sweaters, and comforters. Perhaps you take a winter vacation and need to pick up your ski equipment and snow boards. Or, maybe you just want to remove and protect the clutter in your backyard so that you can free up space in the garage.

While you’re busy grabbing your winter items and storing those barbecue grills and pool toys, maybe you should think about a quick cleaning and winterizing of your storage unit. You’re probably thinking that it wasn’t so long ago that you gave you’re unit a good spring cleaning. That’s probably true, and since you were so diligent with your decluttering and reorganizing, winterizing should be easy. 


Winterizing Tips

  • Get a Jump on Winter Storage

Finish this task while the weather is still warm and sunny. Loading and unloading is just not fun in chilly, rainy weather.

  • Dry Your Summer Items

Be sure your summer items are completely dry prior to storing them. Pool toys and rafts should be completely drained and dry. Patio cushions should be clean and wrapped in sheets to maintain their condition, and patio furniture should be cleaned and thoroughly dried.

  • Check for Water

While you’re moving items in and out of the unit, do a quick interior and exterior check for water leaks.

  • Sweep Your Unit

Give your unit a quick sweep and dusting if necessary. If you did a thorough spring cleaning, there shouldn’t be much dust or debris.

  • Check Containers

If your storage containers are damaged or cracking, low temperatures can cause further deterioration. Replace them.

  • Wrap Your Belongings

You can’t add insulation to your storage unit, but you can protect your belongings from the cold by wrapping them securely in paper or fabric.

  • Use a Weatherproof Lock

If you have an exterior unit, you might consider a weatherproof lock. You probably have a lock, but all locks are not the same. In extreme conditions some locks can freeze, not only causing a major inconvenience but compromising the security of the lock.

  • Check Electronics

Be sure to remove batteries to prevent freezing and corrosion.

  • Protect Your Vehicles

Winterizing is crucial to protect your vehicles. Not only your cars, but your boats and RVs need to be properly winterized to maintain their condition. Whether you’re using interior, covered, or uncovered storage, drain fluids, remove batteries, and clean thoroughly. Don’t forget protective covers, but avoid plastic because it traps moisture resulting in mold. A better choice is a natural fabric like wool or cotton.

If you have questions or concerns about getting your unit ready for winter, always ask your self-storage facility managers. They are always willing to help and address your concerns. Happy winter!


Commercial Storage: Is it the Solution for Your Business?

Is your business running out of space? Are you shoving your extra inventory into corners and under desks? Are you beginning to wonder what to do with the piles of documents and extra equipment? Are you drowning in a sea of paper?

It’s not uncommon for a business to run out of space. Not having enough space is actually a good problem to have because it means your business is growing. Good problem or not, it needs a solution, and self storage provides that solution. With a much lower cost per square foot than commercial space, you will have the flexibility of month-to-month leasing and the selection of a broad range of types and sizes of units. Find a dependable, affordable, secure facility and your only concern will be driving profits. If you need some help locating the right facility to fit your needs, check our last blog, Choosing the Right Self-Storage Facility.

Businesses That Benefit From Self Storage

Small and Home Service Businesses

If your service business is based out of your own home, it can be overwhelming to try and find ample storage space for the parts, materials, and equipment that you need to keep your business running. If you own a general contracting, electrical, plumbing, or lawn care business, you may be required to rent flex space with a workshop. With drive-up access, security, and a variety of unit types and sizes, you can get everything you need from self storage at a much lower price.

Brick and Mortar Retail Businesses

Commercial space is expensive, and it’s difficult to maintain adequate inventory if your space is small. Without sufficient product, business will suffer and you’ll lose sales. A climate-controlled self-storage unit is your perfect solution. You will have no trouble finding the right sized space for your items. You can equip your unit with shelving, containers, and even garment racks. Keep your business attractive and uncluttered to give your customers a comfortable shopping experience.

E-Commerce Businesses

E-Commerce businesses can operate from home and store all inventory in a self-storage unit. Depending on your inventory, either a drive-up unit or an indoor climate-controlled unit can work. Find a secure facility so that your inventory is safe and protected.

Construction Businesses

Construction businesses typically use heavy-duty vehicles as well as tools and supplies. Large, cumbersome construction vehicles require both space and security. Are you forced to park your vehicle in a less than secure location because you have no other options? Most self-storage facilities can easily provide secure parking for many of your large trucks and trailers and almost any type of equipment that you don’t use on a daily basis. Parking your vehicles at a storage facility will allow you to clean up your parking area, and give your business the curb appeal it deserves.

Home Staging Business

If your business is staging homes for sale, you know that homeowners are reluctant to spend extra money to change the style of their decor to attract potential buyers. Your perfect solution is a climate-controlled self storage unit to hold the furniture and accessories that homeowners can use to make a home appealing to prospects. As your business expands, you can rent a larger unit; and, you can use your unit, or rent additional space to store the seller’s original furniture until the house is sold.

Interior Designers

As a designer, you ideally like to use your office space as a showroom. To prevent clutter and present a well-designed studio look in your space, self storage is the answer. A drive-up unit is best if you have frequent furniture deliveries. For even more convenience and less worry, find a storage facility that will accept deliveries for you.

Pharmaceutical and Medical Supply Sales Reps

Sales reps for pharmaceutical and medical supply companies frequently use self storage because they need to protect and preserve their products. Climate-controlled indoor units with exceptional security are a must when storing drug samples and medical supplies. Another amenity to look for is delivery acceptance. You can have your product sent directly to the facility and store it at your convenience.

Self-storage is a major advantage to many businesses. It provides the space you need and the security and convenience that you want, while keeping your residential and office space free for their intended uses.


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