What Size Self Storage Unit Do You Need?

Whether you’re storing a roomful of furniture or seasonal decorations, we have the right size for you.  From tiny to gigantic, our size guide will help you to determine how much space you need. We even have units large enough for vehicle storage!  Find a location and check out our rated by visiting our locations page, and take a minute to look for our special deals. Remember, if you’re still not quite sure what you need, stop over to see us.  One of our friendly, knowledgeable staff will give you a tour and assist you in finding your perfect solution. See you soon!

  • 5×5 Fits approx. a dorm room
  • 5×10 Fits approx. a studio apartment
  • 10×10 Fits approx. a 1-2 bedroom apartment
  • 10×15 Fits approx. a 2 bedroom apartment
  • 10×20 Fits approx. a 4 bedroom house
  • 10×30 Fits approx. a 5+ bedroom apartment
  • 12×20 fits approx. utility trailer and jetskis
  • 12×25 fits approx. one boat
  • 12×33 fits approx. one full-size rv
  • 12×36 fits approx. one full-size rv
  • 12×42 fits approx. two utility trailers
  • 12×48 fits approx. jetskis, utility trailer, and small boat
  • 12×50 fits approx. full RV and utility trailer
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