Summer Adventures: Spring Cleaning Tips for a Sparkling RV

May 4, 2024 Types of Storage

The summer road trip season is approaching quickly. It’s time to prepare your RV for months of exciting adventures with a thorough spring cleaning.

Spring cleaning is about more than having a scrubbed and shiny RV. It’s about taking care of your vehicle’s interior as well as its exterior. Your RV is an investment that you want to enjoy for many more years. Keeping it in top condition requires regular maintenance, a thorough annual cleaning, and secure storage.

Safely storing your RV in the off-season is as important as regular care. Central Texas’ 5 Star Boat and RV Storage, a Trusted Self Storage location, is your premier self storage solution. At 5 Star Boat and RV, you never have to worry. Your home away from home is safe and protected whether you choose covered, uncovered, or enclosed RV storage.

Trusted Self Storage Helps you with Exterior Cleaning of your Boat and RV

Exterior Cleaning

If your RV was stored in the open, it may have gathered dirt and debris during the off-season. Using your motorhome during the winter is especially hard on the exterior. It will be covered in road grime and ice removal chemicals. In any case, here are several tips to get the exterior shining for the upcoming season.

Wash the Exterior
Head to an RV wash at least once every season. Cleaning the exterior protects the paint and prevents damage from corrosive chemicals and salt used for snow removal. In addition, getting your RV thoroughly washed makes it easier to see any developing paint damage or cracks in the roofing.

If you’re planning to handwash your RV exterior rather than taking it to an RV wash, use the right tools. Many products are available that make scrubbing your RV quick and easy. Cleaning products and brushes specifically designed for RVs will help you finish the job with less time and effort.

Polish Glass
Polish the exterior of each window, windshield, and cab windows. Clean the mirrors and backup cameras to ensure a safe view.

Clean Exterior Compartments
When you store camping gear and extra tools in your exterior storage compartments, dirt and grime can accumulate in those areas. Remove everything and give that space a thorough cleaning. When you’re finished, reorganize your clean space.

Interior Cleaning
Your RV is your home away from home and you’ll want to keep it as tidy as your living space. A thorough spring cleaning will refresh your mobile home and provide a more enjoyable travel experience.

Any type of cleaning starts with decluttering. Pull everything out of your RV and re-organize these items following the same strategy you use in your home. Separate the items into three categories: Keep, Discard, and Donate.

This will allow you to re-evaluate your need for each item. The less clutter you return to your RV, the less you’ll have to deal with the next time you clean.

It’s a good idea to lease a self storage unit for the items you’re not keeping. This way they’re not taking up space in your home or your RV, and you can deal with them later.

RV Specific Cleaning Tools and Products
Using the right tools makes any job easier. Cleaning products and brushes specifically designed for RVs will help you finish in less time with less effort. Explore different brands and check with your dealer to determine what works best.

Deep Clean the Kitchen
If your RV has a kitchen, it’s essential to clean the insides of cabinets and drawers and disinfect cooking surfaces and countertops. Food residue that is left behind will attract rodents and insects. Spoiled food can also develop mold that will lead to unpleasant odors.

Clean the refrigerator and freezer, checking for signs of mold. Remove expired food, and wipe down the shelves.

Deep Clean the Bathroom
Other spaces that need attention are the bathrooms in your RV. Clean them thoroughly with a disinfectant that will eliminate surface germs.

Wipe down the interior of bathroom drawers and cabinets, and check that your plumbing is operational. As with the kitchen, keep an eye out for mold.

Living Spaces and Bedrooms
After the kitchen and bathrooms, it’s time to tackle living spaces and bedrooms. Wipe down surfaces that may have accumulated dust. Use high-quality polish for wood surfaces.

Refresh Floors
Carpets and flooring are one of the grimiest areas in your mobile home. Follow a rigorous vacuuming with steam cleaning the carpets and mopping hard floors.

Air Quality
To keep the air in your interior spaces fresh and safe, your air filters should be changed every 90 days. An air purifier will refresh your air on an ongoing basis by removing dust, mold spores, pet smells, and cooking odors.

Check Safety Equipment
Smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, and fire extinguishers should be in good working order. Check batteries and replace equipment as necessary.

Final Touches
Polish interior windows and mirrors. Install air fresheners and add comfy pillows and decorative decor to fill your space with warmth and personality.


Spring cleaning revives your RV and sets the stage for a great year of travel. Whether you’re drawn to the thrill of new adventures or relaxing in a familiar RV park, a refreshed mobile home will give you a more comfortable and enjoyable experience.

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