Self Storage Warehousing Solutions

Does your business have requirements that your basement, spare room, or standard size self storage units can’t handle? If you need warehouse-sized space without the warehouse-sized costs, there are self storage facilities available that can accommodate your needs.

Here at Trusted Self Storage, we have the warehouse space you need without the costs of building your own warehouse or renting a space that is larger than necessary. It’s difficult enough to control expenses when you own a business, and you never know when you’ll have to move due to expansion or other unforeseen events.  


Three reasons to rent self-storage space instead of commercial warehouse space.

  1. Commercial warehouse space is more expensive than self-storage.

Commercial warehouse space is almost always more expensive per square foot than self-storage. Specialized spaces make sense for some businesses, but whether you’re just getting started or you’ve been in business for years, you need to think about controlling expenses.  

  1. Self-storage does not require a long-term contract.

A month-to-month lease gives you the freedom to cancel at any time. You may want to relocate to a more strategic location or a different sized space.

  1. Self-storage is scalable.

Leasing self-storage gives you the flexibility to add on as your business grows, or scale back if you face an unforeseen event, like the 2020 Covid pandemic. 

Man at storage warehouse.


Why is Warehousing Important to Your Business

When you-re choosing warehouse storage, look for a location that makes the most sense for your operations. For example, it should be easily accessible by your suppliers, with a loading dock for receiving and storing product. Another company might warehouse space in a more centralized location so that goods can be more conveniently received, shipped and distributed. 


Improved Order Processing

Customers expect excellent service and timely delivery. Any problems in this area are not your customer’s concern: there yours. Warehousing provides the space to enable you to stock product and ship when customers place they’re orders. You don’t need to fulfill orders from your production facility. You can warehouse enough stock for several months, reducing delivery delays. You wouldn’t want to lose a sale because you aren’t able to fill an order.


Extra Storage

Most companies manufacture product based on anticipation of demand. You may have storage at your production site, but that space can quickly become exhausted. A warehouse space is great for storing the extra goods that customers don’t need immediately.


Monitor Seasonal Growth

A warehouse gives you the space to take advantage of consumer trends. You can scale your operations and stock up on inventory for peak Christmas and holiday shopping seasons. With self storage warehouse space, this won’t lead to major cost increases.


Risk Management

If you store your products in your warehouse, you can release them to the market when demand exceeds immediate supply and production. This way you can avoid volatile price fluctuations. For perishable products, cold storage and refrigeration can be used to avoid spoilage. Refrigeration may cost a bit more, but will be worth the savings. Another factor to consider is that your goods are insured against damage or loss due to fire or theft. 



As a business owner, self storage warehousing is your solution. It will enable you to control expenses, provide leasing flexibility, and allow you to scale your business based on growth. 

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