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About Us

Trusted Self Storage Professionals (Trusted) is a management company that specializes in self-storage facilities. Trusted’s key members are all specialized in their own areas, making Trusted a well-rounded and accountable organization. Allow Trusted to be part of your team and see the difference Trusted can do for your facility.

At Trusted we pride ourselves in collaborating with owners to get the results they are looking for. Whether you’re a hands on owner that simply would like a second opinion or you are the owner that would like us to take 100% control over your facility, and simply send you the numbers at the end of the week, we at Trusted are here to help.

Management Services

Trusted is a third party management service for both stabilized and lease up properties. Trusted is currently managing storage facilities that have just been built, as well as mature facilities that benefit from our attention to detail. Trusted uses a comprehensive management approach:

  • Revenue management, including traditional and internet marketing, and tracking what works.
  • Ongoing employee development and training.
  • Frequent site reviews/close oversight.
  • Use of high rated management software to monitor and measure site activities.
  • Team approval that welcomes owner input and participation with key members of Trusted.
  • Transparent management and reporting style allowing owner 24/7 access to key site activity reports.
  • Customized management approach to fit owners goals (not a one-size fits all approach).

Self Storage Consulting

Trusted offers a large variety of consulting services, from audits, to revenue opportunities, to management problems. Based on years of experience in helping operators resolve management issues of all types, Trusted has identified operational considerations that are necessary for maximizing cash flow.

  • Revenue Management: Occupied/Vacant
  • Review Closing Ratios
  • Size by Size Occupancy Analysis
  • Delinquency Analysis
  • Loss-to-Lease Variance Review
  • Managing Unit Inventory
  • Prospect Traffic Source Review – Effectiveness of Marketing and Your Tracking System
  • Best Practices of Website/Internet Traffic
  • Service Contract Review
  • Curb Appeal/Signage/Office Presentation Discussion
  • Ancillary Income

Meet Our Team

Mike Gately, President, Trusted Self Storage Professional

Mike Gately, Trusted’s President, managed a 24-store portfolio of facilities (18,000 units), located in Texas and 5 other states, for fourteen years. Mike served as President for the Texas Self Storage Association (2013-2014) and presents seminars and webinars for storage managers and owners on behalf of TSSA. Mike graduated from the University of Houston earning a Master’s in Business Administration. Mike is a Certified Property Manager through the Institute of Real Estate Management and a licensed Texas Real Estate Broker. Mike has been active in the multifamily industry as well as managing large multi-state apartment portfolios for lenders, REIT’s, and private investors.

Vianney Jasik, Executive Vice President, Trusted Self Storage Professionals

Vianney Jasik, Trusted’s Executive Vice President, was introduced to the storage industry in 2011. Vianney graduated from Texas State University earning a Bachelor’s in Fine Art & Communication in 2008. Vianney began her storage journey as an Assistant Manager and grew within the company from Manager to Marketing Director up to Director of Operation and currently Executive Vice President. Vianney oversees the overall operations of all storage facility and works closely with all team members ensuring maximum efficacity across the portfolio. Vianney previous experience in marketing comes into play ensuring each facility is operating with the best practices as far as website development, SEO, advertising, and marketing a storage facility with the latest trends

Megan Dybowski, Vice President, Trusted Self Storage Professionals

Megan Dybowski, Trusted’s Vice President, was first brought into the world of Self Storage over 30 years ago as a small child growing up in the business alongside her grandparents Hank and Kaye Daughtry. She worked summers in high school and college as an assistant manager at one of her family’s storage properties, while getting her Bachelor of Arts with a Major in ESL and Education from St. Edward’s University in Austin, TX. Megan joined the team 5 years ago starting out as an assistant manager and working with seasoned professionals in the industry to gain more knowledge from an owner/developer side. She currently uses her teaching skills to help train self-storage managers, conduct site audits and organizes team meetings and goal setting.

Marie Mendez, Corporate Secretary and Controller, Trusted Self Storage Professionals
Marie Mendez
, leads Trusted’s accounting department, with thirty-five years of public accounting and private sector experience. Marie is the company’s Corporate Secretary and Controller. She has provided quality controls for the numerous storage properties owned and managed by Trusted’s main principal, Hank Daughtry, since 1994. In addition to the storage industry, she also has provided accounting services for commercial real estate and investment companies. Paying attention to details, and developing an organized system of accountability, is what keeps our clients profitable. Marie Mendez has a B.A. in accounting from Our Lady of the Lake University in San Antonio, Texas.

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