Self Storage As An Option for Business Owners

With commercial office space becoming increasingly more expensive, small business owners are exploring other options. Working from home is becoming a popular alternative, and some business owners are looking at using self storage for business purposes.

In theory, using your self storage unit as an office or a workshop sounds like a great idea. Overhead is low and you can rent the right-sized space for your needs. Nevertheless, in most cases, using your storage unit for these purposes is not permitted.

Setting up your desk, laptop, and other office equipment isn’t generally a legal option. There are, however, some facilities that offer designated retail and office space available, enabling businesses to operate legally. These spaces are generally outfitted with restrooms and conference rooms. In some cases that may include parking for tenants as well as their customers. Here at Trusted Self Storage, a number of our facilities feature office space.

All things considered, traditional storage units, are very useful to business owners. It’s an inexpensive option for storing business supplies, office equipment, and inventory. Even important documents can be carefully packed and placed in your storage unit.

Self storage gives you the ability to scale your business. With flexible month-to-month lease terms, it’s easy to increase your space if your business is growing rapidly. On the other hand, if your business is seasonal or you have a temporary downturn, you can save money by decreasing your space for a short time. This kind of flexibility is extremely beneficial in managing day-to-day operations.

A Sensible Option: Self Storage for Business Owners


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You’re not permitted to conduct business inside a traditional storage unit. These spaces are limited to storage and order fulfillment only. For a complete description of what is permissible in your storage unit, be sure to refer to your lease, and don’t attempt any of the following activities inside your unit until you talk to the manager.

  • Meeting customers and conducting sales out of the unit.
  • Installing telephones, computers, or other office equipment and electronics inside the unit.
  • Adding wiring and electrical outlets beyond what is currently in the unit.
  • Operating power tools or other machinery in the unit.

As mentioned above, storage units can be advantageous to certain business owners. Here are a few examples of businesses that can benefit from using a self storage unit.

Examples of Self Storage for Business Owners

Landscapers or Contractors

Landscapers and contractors use items that are bulky and irregularly shaped. Lawnmowers, leaf blowers, spreaders, circular saws, wood, and drills take up a lot of room in a garage or trailer. Using a self storage unit for these items keeps them organized and out of your way. With 365-day access at most storage facilities, it’s easy to drop off and pick up on a convenient schedule.

Contractors have the added problem of heavy-duty vehicles like backhoes and huge trucks. Instead of appropriating the limited space in their business parking areas to these vehicles, they can store this equipment securely at the same facility where they store their tools and supplies. Moving these vehicles away from their business will upgrade their curb appeal and provide more parking space for customers.

Independent Publishers

Book dealers and independent publishers handle mountains of magazines, pamphlets, brochures, and books. A self-storage unit is a perfect place for an independent publisher or dealer to store inventory and supplies. To maintain books and printed materials in good condition, a climate-controlled storage unit is safer than a damp garage or the trunk of a car. If the publisher rents from a facility with delivery acceptance services, products can be directly shipped to the storage unit without the owner having to be present.

Service Professionals

Multiple storage units spread out across various locations can be an important convenience for service and maintenance professionals. For example, a cleaning service that has customers over a wide area would benefit from having supplies and equipment in convenient locations rather than having to drive to one central facility. Renting storage is more affordable for these businesses than larger commercial buildings.

Restaurants and Catering

These types of businesses deal with an overabundance of supplies and equipment. Spare china and glassware, tables and chairs for special events, linens, and appliances can use a lot of space. These businesses need to devote every square foot to cooking and dining in order to increase profits.

Retail and eCommerce

Whether a business is brick and mortar with limited space or a store that is entirely online, self storage is a perfect solution. Inventory, marketing materials, and supplies should be kept in a climate-controlled unit to prevent damage and deterioration.

Self storage is far more versatile than you would imagine. These are only a few of the businesses that could benefit from using a self storage unit, and there are many more. If you own a business that is taking over space in your home or your office, explore the self storage option today.

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